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This listing is for:
-1 Big Heart, top half-shell only, 7.5 inches wide
-1 wooden mallet

Optional Add-on:
-1 bag of toppings (to fill under the heart)

If you choose filling to put under the Big Heart (7.5 inches wide, half shell, smashable):
-Choose what you would like to fill under
-If you choose Fererro Rochers, it can only fit exactly 11 Fererro Rochers
-If you choose the other toppings, you will be given a bag full to fill under the heart

-Big Heart 7.5 inches diameter wide


Open vs. Enclosed

-With this option, the Big Heart will be ship to you open
-The purpose of this is for people who want to add other things under the Big Heart 

-With this option, the Big Heart will be sealed onto the gold cake board with the fillings inside
-This is for people who plan on sending the package to another person

If there is anything you don't understand please ask me

Big Smash Hearts

Color 2
  • Storage tips:
    -keep it in a cool, dark place, to avoid light (will last for weeks)
    -plastic (saran) wrap the box or put it in an airtight container, to avoid oxygen (will last for months)
    -if your house is warm everywhere, and you really don't have a cool place, then use the fridge as a last resort (plastic wrap the box to avoid odor contamination from your other food)


  • Please ask about international shipping. Made to order items will be shipped within 3 business day.   NO REFUNDS 

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